M.E Communication & Networking

M.E Communication & Networking has been introduced in the Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering from the academic year 2012-’13. This is a 2-year master’s degree programme in engineering offered on a semester pattern under affiliation with Anna University.

Computer Communications are pervasive in every walk of life. This is an advanced programme in Communication Networking. The goal of the programme is to provide a ladder for understanding, & performing research in networking. The programme emphasizes the concepts and issues underlying the design and implementation of various networks.

Master degree in Communication & Networking consists of a series of distinctive courses in Computer Networks High Performance Computer Networks & related areas. The focus is on key operational & technical aspects of Computer Communication Systems & relevant security issues enabling one to appreciate emerging technologies. The programme introduces the concepts of Computer Network Technology & the principles that make it work. Technologies used in Wide Area Networks (WAN), Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN) & Local Area Networks (LAN) are the main features of the programme.

A comprehensive, effectively organized treatment of core engineering issues in Communication Networking is the scope of the programme. One would learn how to adopt an engineering approach to design and implement Computer Communication Systems in the context of real application.

A basic knowledge of networking concepts such as various link layers and framing concepts in an undergraduate networking programme is sufficient background for this programme.